Wellness Program

Smart Moves Offers Exercise Classes and Health Education

Smart Moves is monthly program available to those in the Richmond community who are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle and also maintaining or improving their current level of fitness. Led by a personal trainer, Smart Moves is designed to promote health and wellness through group exercise classes, personal training and health education programs. Smart Moves holds special appeal for those who wish to maintain their level of activity following rehabilitative care or remain independent as long as possible. However, wellness activities should not be confused with physical, occupational or speech therapy ordered by a physician.

Being physically active is crucial as we age because it can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Participating in gait and balance activities can reduce falls by 40%, and weight-bearing and resistance activities go a long way towards preventing osteoporosis. Additionally, regular exercise can help improve sleep quality, depression and quality of life.

Individuals pay a monthly fee for Smart Moves, which was designed with the older adult in mind. Our geriatric focus appeals to those who enjoy working out with others similar in age, and who also appreciate the nearby support of certified personal trainers and other professionals. Members have access to our state-of-the-art exercise equipment and therapeutic pool.

A Senior Fitness Test, offered at the beginning of the program, will assess an individual’s ability to perform everyday activities—now, and in the future. Following the test, the member will receive a fitness score, which compares them to others of the same age and gender. Our staff then creates a personalized activity plan based on the results. Supervised personal training helps members utilize proper techniques when using exercise equipment.