Classic beach tunes played as Courtney Burrell pulled a pair of carts loaded with ice cream and toppings down the halls of the Healthcare Center one afternoon. A summer tradition—offered every Friday through Labor Day—she stopped at rooms and created “made to order” special treats from the offerings on her musical rolling carts.

The carts included large bins of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, along with sprinkles, cherries, and a choice of chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce.

She asked one resident if she wanted her usual: vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce and sprinkles. “I usually can remember who wants what,” said Burrell, assistant director of Life Enrichment for the Healthcare Center, as she scooped the ice cream.
To another resident, who was feeling under the weather, she asked, “Would you like a little ice cream to cheer you up?”

Mary-Stella-performer“Oh yes!” said the woman, brightening.

At the end of the route, she stopped in an activity room and found a crowd of residents gathered for a show. They were listening to Mary Stella, a talented performer who sang as she played a guitar and harmonica. Residents sang, clapped and played along with various instruments. Several in the room danced and played maracas and drums to “La Bamba.” Burrell handed out bowls of ice cream—and the party was complete.

Pictured: Mary Stella, performer


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