Aquatic Therapy

For those recovering from injury, or suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, our aquatic therapy program provides an opportunity to exercise without undue pain or stress to the joints. The soothing, warm waters of our therapeutic pool can help relax tight or spasmodic muscles and increase flexibility. Individuals who participate in our water exercise classes can also benefit from improved circulation and cardiovascular health.

aquatic_0047_smallAquatic therapy can help those with arthritis and joint pain, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic back pain, amputations and post-surgical recovery. All Aquatic Therapy sessions are led by Licensed Physical Therapists.

In addition to our therapeutic sessions, members of our wellness program can also take part in Aquatic Wellness classes led by a Certified Personal Trainer. (Wellness classes should not be confused with physical, occupational or speech therapy ordered by a physician.)

Our therapeutic pool is located in our Beth Sholom Rehabilitation Clinic and is open to residents as well as participants in our rehabilitative and wellness programs.